Argon Dashboard Laravel

A FREE frontend preset built for Laravel

You want to build your first app, but you just don`t know where to start or how to make everything work together. We know it`s hard starting from scratch, so we teamed up with Updivision to give you a free starter kit, frontend and backend included. Instead of investing time in doing the integration, you have a boilerplate which does the heavy lifting for you.

Developer First

We want to empower developers to build better apps. We provide the building blocks and learning resources (documentation and commented code), you provide the blueprint and the vision.

100+ Frontend Components

Make sure everything looks like it`s supposed to look with carefully crafted components, which you can easily modify using SASS files.

Resources and credits

Our free starter kit is built on top of open-source resources:



  • Laravel - open source backend framework with robust features, simple and secure authentication and elegant syntax

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