User Profile

The user is able to change update his profile information.

The profile can be accessed by a logged in user by clicking User Profile from the sidebar or adding profile in the url. The user can add information like phone number, location, bio or change the name and email.

The App\Http\Controllers\UserProfileController handles the user's profile information.

        'username' => $request->get('username'),
        'firstname' => $request->get('firstname'),
        'lastname' => $request->get('lastname'),
        'email' => config('app.is_demo') ? auth()->user()->email : $request->get('email') ,
        'address' => $request->get('address'),
        'city' => $request->get('city'),
        'country' => $request->get('country'),
        'postal' => $request->get('postal'),
        'about' => $request->get('about')